What's Your Career Health Score?

The narrative around “career” and “working” in our culture is toxic.

Conventional wisdom says that you have to struggle, hustle, grind against what you don’t want. We take the frustrations and emptiness of office life for granted - we normalize it and justify it (see: The Office, Office Space, etc.) We make it okay to martyr ourselves - sacrificing our happiness in service of “making a living”. 

But tell me this - what is “living” if it consists of sitting in traffic for an hour only to sit in a cubicle you hate, working for someone who doesn’t respect you, and occupying yourself with tasks you are, at best, indifferent to? 

You’re meant for something greater than slaving away in an unsatisfying career.

You’ve studied and worked far too long and hard for that.

You deserve to be fulfilled and satisfied by what you spend the vast majority of your waking hours doing. The people who care about you deserve to experience you at your best.

My Philosophy

Crafting a career you LOVE doesn’t have to be so hard.

When you’re super-duper clear on what your value is, and what’s worthy of pursuing, all of a sudden it gets really easy.

All that insecurity, impostor syndrome, and sense that you’re just a commodity goes away.

All that hard work you’ve already done is NOT worthless—but it’s always been for them.

If you don’t commit to YOU, what’s the point?

Begin Your Adventure

Knowing how to work the system isn’t enough.

Before age 30, I’d climbed the corporate ladder to positions most people don’t reach until their 40’s—but I was miserable.

Ladder-climbing is great, but if it feels like your soul is continually being crushed, what’s the point?


My Story

“I can’t do this anymore.”

That’s what I thought to myself a few years ago on another miserable Sunday night on the couch, dreading Monday morning and the burn-out in the week ahead.

I’d spent years of my life climbing the corporate ladder at Fortune 500 companies; I bought the house, the car, made a solid 6-figure salary... everything. I’d consistently climbed up the chain of unbroken stellar resume material, and my parents were VERY proud.

But I hated it. 

I felt empty, lost, completely unseen, and like no one would understand. It didn’t make sense. I had everything.

I was always such a high achiever—so why did I feel so stuck?

Already trained as a relationship coach, I dove deep into the world of authentic communication, personal development, and career navigation. I binged every Tim Ferris podcast and Brene Brown video you could imagine, and got certified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Soon, I realized I was REALLY good at navigating my career—I’d landed a role as a senior manager at giant company, managing some people nearly twice my age—all before my 30th birthday.

But making “lateral moves” within a company wasn’t a satisfying career—anyone can work the system.

It was just filler for what my soul was actually calling me to do:

Help people craft careers they LOVE.

Do you truly know your worth, and what’s worth pursuing?


It’s a lot more than just a shiny resume.

Do you want to figure out what makes you truly happy, or just land in another job that makes you miserable?


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