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Here’s the truth:


The narrative around “career” and “working” in our culture is toxic.


We let work define us—rather than the other way around.

We normalize the daily commute and grind as “part of the show”—even when it means ignoring the things (and people) we love.

You’ve already worked too long and hard to stay miserable.

You deserve a career that’s about YOU, right?

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Hi! I’m Anthony Kuo, founder of Untamed Career (and that’s my wife, Jamie).

I know how it feels to be stuck in a career you can't stand—I climbed the corporate achievement ladder for years before realizing how miserable I was.

It took a long time (plus countless self-development podcasts, TED talks, workshops, and an NLP certification) before finally figuring out what truly makes me excited to jump out of bed for work—guiding the inner and outer journey to a career that gets you up and excited early Monday morning.

EVERYONE deserves a career they absolutely love.


About Untamed Career

Here’s what 80-90% of the articles you find online would have you do:

Re-write your resume, polish up a few bullet points, and send you out to some interviews.

That may be okay for some people, but there’s one BIG problem:

They haven’t done the inner work.

You can create the perfect, shiny resume package—and end up miserable because you’re ignoring the gifts inside.

Those gifts are what lead to a truly satisfying career. There’s WAY more human to you than just the part that appears on your resume, and if you’re not confident in your unique value, walking into an interview feels more like an interrogation than an exchange. As a career satisfaction coach, I dig deep into your story.

This process is not for everyone.

Only those who are truly serious about making a big change.

Are you really ready to be happy, or just move into another role that doesn’t fit YOU?

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Some of the fun topics we talk about in Satisfaction Seekers:


✔️    Why we get burned out and how to get out of it 

✔️    How your skills might be making you unhappy

✔️    Career satisfaction and how can you experience it in your own way

✔️    Changing careers without blowing everything up 

✔️    How to figure out your next career move so you don't end up in an even worse situation

✔️    The biggest resume-writing and interview-prep mistakes to avoid

✔️    Imposter syndrome and what to do when it flares up

✔️    Networking without feeling gross about it

✔️    How to know if the company is the right fit for you

✔️    Negotiating a job offer effectively 


Are you ready to finally build a career that lights you

up from the inside out?


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Lauren C.

(Media Planning Manager)

Anthony is an amazingly intuitive coach! Job hunting is a daunting and overwhelming task, especially when changing industries, but with Anthony's help, job hunting has become an exciting adventure instead of a painful process.

Cecile A.

(Consumer Insights Director)

OMG. You showed me how much I've been under-valuing myself. Thank you for helping me see the leader that I truly am.

Charles S. 

(Strategic Analyst)

I ow you a big thank you for helping me navigate the various important "why's" that come up in finding a new job in a new field.