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✅ Map out your career journey with personal assistance laser-focused on YOUR specific needs

✅ Deep dive into various aspects of your life so you can discover your satisfaction factors

✅ Examine your patterns, skills, your knowledge, and the experience you bring to the table

✅ Craft the goods that show how valuable you truly are, who needs it the most, and precisely how to advocate for badass self.

✅ Create quality exchanges with your network

✅ Land a career you're excited to wake up for


What's in 1:1 Career Satisfaction Coaching??

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I now have a momentum


Andrea, Chef

I’m starting to see actual pictures of what my end goal is, when before it was all fuzzy. I’m making plans and I’m starting to actually feel like I have momentum … I’m in a really good place, and am starting to get really excited about my career!

You deserve a career you love …

You deserve waking up excited on Mondays ...


That’s why I want this to be a smashing success for you.

I want to be there for you every step of the way, from beginning to end, by seeing to it you have all the resources you need to make the progress you want.

I'm being intentional


Tyleah, Civil Engineer by day, multi-passionate artist /NLP Practitioner / amateur chef by night

Being in this group is helping me put attention on what I want in regards to career. I'm glad that I’m being intentional with what I want NOW rather than waiting until retirement or after making that transition to deal with it.


1:1 Career Satisfaction Coaching

Here's what's included in 1:1 Career Satisfaction Coaching:


✅ Customized laser-focused support

✅ Weekly or biweekly 1-hour Zoom sessions

✅ Email & text support in between sessions

✅ As-needed 20-minute 'laser coaching' phone sessions for when you absolutely need to talk something out (i.e. an interview got scheduled for tomorrow)

✅ In-depth Birkman Personality Assessment to deeply understand yourself and know what you need to feel like you're thriving


A safe space I to be myself


Jaycee, Writer

This is something I really look forward to where I feel like I can be myself. I don’t overthink the way I do in other situations … It's a lovely realization of how much comfort and confidence this group half has given me.